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From Nancy's Blog:

Great Holiday Tec Gifts - To Eliminate Clutter, that is!

For your loved ones struggling with clutter, I will spend some time posting my favorite organizing gift ideas this month, starting now. Stay tuned! More

A Minimalist, on Clutter

On Joshua Becker, who defines minimalism as "the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it" More

A Mudroom Solution for Family Clutter

Build this room easily in the entrance way of your home to collect coming in and going out clutter. More

= Disorganization and clutter that costs you time, money and peace of mind.

= Where everything is in its place waiting to serve you.

“I love getting organized and bringing order and efficiency to a space. It’s my gift. Your gifts and talents may lie elsewhere. You and what is valuable to you – your home, your business, your life - are too important to waste with disorder and clutter. So spend a little time with us, and we’ll help you get back to BALANCE! Hurry up, my friend. The world is waiting for you!”

— Nancy Castelli, Organizer and Productivity Consultant, CEO, BALANCE Organizing Services Company

BALANCE for our Planet: Getting organized is all about sustainability. More

BALANCE for your Life:
How do you do it? Manage a home, a career... More

BALANCE for your Business: Clutter COSTS money. And in today’s budget-conscious business environment... More

National Association of Professional Organizers Speaking and Events

We’re BALANCE, a team of professional organizers here in San Francisco. Let’s face it; the world’s a cluttered place. At every step, stuff is coming at you: paper, information, appointments, action items, deadlines, more paper and more stuff! Whether it’s your office and your team, at home, with your family or life, it’s safe to say clutter adds stress and gets us out of sync.

Your office needs to be a productive space free of clutter and reflective of your professional savvy; your home a place where you can rest, recharge and enjoy life. Unless everything is in its place ready to serve you, negative energy and disorder will prevent all of this. Do you need a professional & personal organizer to help you get organized? You will gain productivity, image, energy, joy and even better rest. We’ll help you turn matter into energy.

In San Francisco, the bay area, or beyond; if you are overwhelmed by disorganization, contact us today. We will help you find BALANCE.